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So?  Is this trip everything you expected?  Making the choice to become a parent was the easy part.  Raise your hand if sustaining the parental mojo has been the most wacked out, up and down, fabulous, horrendous, scary, and amazing journey we will ever, EVER, take during your lifetime.

And the truth is, many of you have wondered in your head but I can bet that most of you have not said it out loud: Be honest here.

Would you do it again if you know what was in store for you?

Would you become…a parent?  An Exhausted Parent?

If you knew that you would be losing more sleep than you could ever imagine…Would you do it? If you knew that (and this is for the mom’s) your breasts would be so chapped and sore from the little buggers sucking hard on your nipples every three hours for several months…would you do it again?  If you knew that you would be getting up at four in the morning on a workday to take your up and coming, seven-year old hockey pro to practice at the local ice rink before school…would you do it?  If you knew that you would be spending time in a principal’s office because your child was caught texting someone in class or time telling a teacher that she simply gives too much homework out to the kids, would you do it?   If you came home and smelled alcohol on the breath of your 15 year old…who then lies about drinking in the first place…would you do it?  If you knew you would be spending more of your hard-earned money than you ever thought possible on sports equipment, ballet shoes, horseback riding lessons, sets of clothes for school every year for 12 years (per child) and then more sets of clothes because your kid keeps growing and braces and broken arms and perhaps rehab for your teen?  Would you do it all again?

Multitask EPN Would you do it again if your child told you she hated you? 

>And parenting doesn’t stop just because the kids graduate from college…if they go to college at all.  What about the 40 year old mother who needs to borrow rent money from her retired parents?  What about helping your son through a divorce?  What about the parents who became grandparents when they least expected it and end up raising a grandchild? What about the parent that loses one of their kids in a car accident or to cancer?

Would you do it all again?

The answer is: Absolutely, without a doubt, irrevocably…YES!

Welcome to being an EXHAUSTED PARENT.  Mentally.  Physically.  Emotionally. Exhausted.

On this site you will not find articles on how to potty train your child, how to deal with an in-law, how to pick the right doctor or what to feed your 10 year old who won’t eat. Not to say that our contributors won’t address those issues…

Actually, we’re not sure what you will find here.  Like parenting, this will be a work in progress. It will be a place where parents can come to share, vent…and tell us what you want to hear and see.  Tell us what you need!

We will share ways to “un-exhausted” you. But most important we will be your “web-shoulder” to cry on just when you think you can’t take one more step, change one more diaper, or dry one more tear…theirs or yours.

Jason Brown, my webguy and an incredible stay-at-home working father of four kids will be sharing his moments in his blog and I’m sure we’ll have other contributors to tell you where to go when you need time alone, what to do when you’ve reached your end zone…all while reminding you that you are not doing this parent-thing alone.  We are a NETWORK and we need to work together.

This site will be all that and so much more and absolutely NO previous experience on your part. Why?  Because this is the stuff that your parents didn’t tell you about or this is the stuff that you forgot about when you were a child living under the roof of your parents. Who wants to remember how they treated their parents when they were teenagers?  Not very many people I know. How many of you were told that parenting was the most exhausting think you will ever do in your life?  I guess not very many of you.

So let us know what you think.  Let us know what you want to read and see here on EXHAUSTED PARENT because like I say on my radio show, “It takes a network of parents to raise our kids, and to raise ourselves because we can’t do it alone.”



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